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You can now have the Harlem Hookah experience at your private party. 

Allow us to cater your hookahs.

Great for weddings, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, pool parties, and house parties.

Harlem Hookah catering includes:

Harlem Hookah employee(s) bringing and setting up everything you need for the same premium hookah experience we give you in our establishment. This includes the hookahs, disposable tips, 4 flavors of your choice (can bring more for an additional fee), coals, and supplies.

Harlem Hookah employee will stay the entire time contracted. We do all the work including changing the coals, refilling the shisha, and fixing the hookah when requested.

We bring 1 hookah per every 6 guest. Please finalize your guest count with us one week in advance.

All of the hookah clean up after use.

Harlem Hookah employee will be dressed in all black with a black Harlem Hookah shirt on and a black Harlem Hookah hat on. If you require alternative attire, please inquire.


For 1-40 guest: $300 per hour
For 40-80 guest: $350 per hour
For 80-120 guest: $400 per hour
For 120-160 guest: $450 per hour
For 160-200 guest: $500 per hour
For 200-240 guest: $550 per hour
For 240-280 guest: $600 per hour
For 280-320 guest: $650 per hour
For 320 guest +: Please inquire about pricing

Harlem Hookah charges 8.875% sales tax and a travel fee of $50 for all locations within 1 hour driving distance of Manhattan
For events beyond 1 hour driving distance of Manhattan please inquire about the travel fee

Flavor Menu

Watermelon Orange Mango Peach. Grapefruit Double Apple Lemon Grape Strawberry Guava Melon Vanilla Mint Rose Bubble Gum Bob Marley Dubai Atlantis Jungle Fever Blue Mist Citrus Mist Passion Kiss Ice Lemon Mint Pink Lady Skittles Egyptian Pharaohs Watermelon Freeze Code 69 Safari Melon Dew White Gummy Bear Pina Colada Strawberry Margarita Tequila Sunrise Summer Breeze Apple Martini Cosmopolitan Sex on The Beach Coquito


Liquor to base: $100+
Milk to base: $25+
Ice Hose: $5 per hose (we bring 1 hookah per 6 guest)
Ice Buckets $5 per bucket (we bring 1 hookah per 6 guest)
Additional Flavors (beyond 4): $80 per flavor
Pineapple Heads: $25 per hookah
Sparklers: $10 per hookah

A few important notes:

Please make sure that your venue allows hookah smoke. If you plan to set up on an outside patio area, please make sure that there is cover in-case of rain. If we arrive and venue refuses to allow hookah smoking, there are no refunds.

Harlem Hookah will only service guest who are 21 years of age or older. For liability reasons we cannot prepare or serve hookah’s to guest who are less than 21 years of age. We have the right to request ID on demand.
There is a 20% deposit required to book and the balance is due 1 week prior to the event. The entire balance must be paid in full prior to the event date.

Any broken or damaged hookahs as a result of you or your guest negligence will be charged to you at a rate of $75 per hookah.

We require use of a sink with running cold water in order to prepare the hookahs.

We do not service commercial venues for hookah catering. We cannot service establishments such as restaurants, bars, or nightclubs. We cannot service any client who is charging for use of the hookah. This is for private events only where the client is paying for this service for their guest to enjoy.