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I love Hookah but I’m 18 can I join in the fun?

While we would love to welcome you to Harlem Hookah we are a 21+ over establishment. All patrons are required to show ID at the door.

I left my license at home but I have my school ID, can I use that?

Damn! We know the feeling. But we have to follow the law so unfortunately we can only accept State Drivers Licenses, State IDs, or passports.

Do we HAVE to tip 18%?

No you can tip 20%! We think are servers do a great job so anything over 18% is greatly appreciated. But the minimum is 18% and 18% is automatically applied to each bill.

Whats up with the reservation policy ?

Harlem Hookah does not take reservations for tables of 7 or less. We service guest on a first come, first serve basis.
For parties of 8 or more, we accept reservations with a deposit.

I would like to come in with a group of 8 or more for my celebration. What’s up?

Please feel free to read our reservation policies and book directly here: Large Group Reservations

What time does the kitchen close?

We take the last food orders at 3:15 am.

When do you do last call for alcohol?

3:30 am. While we would love to serve you until 6 am the New York State liquor authority won’t like it and we don’t want to make them mad.

I want to sit at the bar? Can I reserve a bar seat?

The bar is amazing! We love those chandeliers too! But the bar seats are on a first come, first serve basis.

I came to Harlem Hookah. The place was packed, tables were all full and the bar was full. I was happy to stand but I was told I couldn’t. Whats up with that?

We know- it sucks. We just don’t have the space. With servers running food and drinks to the tables we can’t crowd up the floor with standing customers. Plus its not the experience we want to give you. We want our customers to sit, smoke and chill. Not stand in a crowded bar all night.

If I’m lucky enough to score a seat at the bar can I smoke hookah there?

Of course! I mean we ARE Harlem Hookah! We would let you smoke hookah in the bathroom if we could (but we can’t so don’t try it). But yes, the bar menu is the same as the menu at the tables. Food, drinks, and hookah apply.

Can I smoke cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes or vape at Harlem Hookah?

No. Only Hookah here! Thank you.

Speaking of bathrooms- I love yours! 

Thanks! We love them too. The TVs are great. We designed them so that if you are watching a game you don’t have to miss that final touchdown just cause you need to go drain the main vain. But please be mindful, that more often than not, there are others waiting outside who need to visit the bathroom too. So while sitting in the bathroom to watch TV or take a million selfies may seem cool, it isn’t when you are on the other side of that door. Do your business, wash your hands, snap a quick selfie, and bounce!

I heard that I have to purchase more than one hookah is that true?

1 hookah must be purchased for every 4 people. That means if you have 5 people you have to purchase 2 hookahs. If you have 9 people you have to purchase 3. It does not matter if there are people in your party who don’t smoke hookah. The minimum purchase rules still apply.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as long as those cards have a chip on them! We can’t accept cards without a chip. We are super sorry. We do happily accept cash! Who doesn’t speak that language?

I came with 4 people but I didn’t know my friend would show up with 2 extra people with her. Can they squeeze in?

Unfortunately, because we are a small establishment we are often unable to accommodate add-ons. It is not fair to the table next you to have people from your table spilling over into their space. We seat tables for the amount of people that were present at the time you were sat. If you would like to give up your  table and wait for a larger one that is not a problem.

How long can I hang out?

There is a 2 hour time limit. On quieter days of the week, you are welcome to stay, drink, smoke, and eat for longer.